Creating your account

Setting up Spot.IM on your site is incredibly simple and customizable. Below we explain in more detail exactly what information you’re asked to provide when creating your site’s account.

Creating Your AccountCreating Your Account

Site URL

Your site URL is the URL where you want Spot.IM to be embedded. You should enter your site’s central URL here.


Site Name

Your Site Name is the name that is displayed publicly on various places across Spot.IM on your site. It’s main purpose is to serve as the title for your Spot.IM Newsfeed. We recommend that you simply use your website’s name.



Here, you’ll want to select the category and subcategory that best describe your site’s content and conversations. As Spot.IM’s network grows, this will enable your site’s conversations to connect with other communities and increase your traffic flow.



Choosing your Platform is a vital part of the setup process. Make sure that you put in the correct platform, as this will become important during the implementation process. If you aren’t sure or don’t remember what platform you built your site with, you can either analyze your site’s HTML code or contact your service provider for help. If you’re still having trouble figuring it out, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help you out.


Interface Language

The Interface Language is the language in which various elements of Spot.IM on your site are displayed. This setting determines what language is used fro buttons, descriptions, and more.


Default Sorting

Spot.IM offers three main sorting options for displaying the order of your conversation’s comments: Best, Newest, and Oldest. While all three options will always be available to your site’s users, this is where you can choose which one is automatically enabled when a user loads a page on your site. The Best option sorts your comments using Spot.IM’s homegrown (and proven) algorithm, and is what we recommend for most sites.


Newsfeed Auto-open on Desktop

Do you want your Spot.IM Newsfeed to open automatically when users reach your site’s comments area? For optimal results and higher pageviews, we recommend leaving the auto-open enabled.


Inline Community Recirculator

The Inline Community Recirculator shows popular content in the area directly above your site’s conversations. It’s a fantastic way to circulate your users through your content and increase pageviews and contributions. We highly recommend leaving this enabled. (pat. pen.)


Floating Community Recirculator

The Floating Community Recirculator offers dynamic content suggestions to your mobile users, prompting them to continue clicking through your site’s content no matter what page they’re on. (pat. pen.)