Designing your Spot

One of our partners favorite things about working with Spot.IM is the degree of customization that we offer. Below we explain a bit more about each of the design options that you can set by accessing the Design under Settings in your Admin Dashboard.

Designing Your SpotDesigning Your Spot

Site Color

Here, you can input the Hex color code of your choosing (we recommend using your brand color). This color will be used across the Spot.IM UI to ensure that our visuals fit beautifully with your site.

If you don’t know your desired Hex color code, Right-click on an element of your site that contains that color and click Inspect Element. A window will open which will allow you to locate the Hex code, which will be a # sign followed by six numbers and letters. If you need help locating your Hex code, don’t hesitate to send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help out.


Comments Color Scheme

We provide both a light and dark color scheme for the Spot.IM comments area on your site. Depending on the color of your site, you may want to experiment a bit with both. Click Learn more by this setting to see a mockup of what each scheme looks like.


Avatars Style

Users on your site can of course upload their own photos as their user avatar. This setting is where you decide what the default avatars are for your guest users who have not done so. We offer a Color Scheme, in which guests in conversations will receive random avatars, colors and usernames (For example, @RedApple). With the Grey Scheme enabled, guests in your site’s conversations will receive random avatars and usernames, but these will be in grey rather than color. Finally, we offer a Traditional avatar scheme, in which all guests appear with the same avatar (a classic grey profile) in your site’s conversations.


Newsfeed Tab Color

Your Newsfeed Tab is the floating icon (with the “plus” sign) that opens your site’s Newsfeed when clicked. Here, you can select either White or your site’s brand color for the color of the Tab. Selecting “Use site color” will automatically match the color of the tab to the Hex color code that you entered earlier.


Newsfeed Tab Position

Do you want your Newsfeed to open on the right or the left? This is where you can decide.