Disqus Import

If you manage a website, you probably used an old-style comment system before working with Spot.IM. If you used Disqus, this is where you can import your old conversations to Spot.IM so that nothing is lost.

Disqus ImportDisqus Import

To import your old Disqus comments, simply head to Settings > Import in your Admin Dashboard once the Spot.IM code is embedded and working properly on your site (check out instructions for Implementation here if you have not already done so).

Once there, you’ll want to enter your Disqus shortname in the field below. To find your Disqus shortname, go to your Disqus admin dashboard and find the shortname section in: Settings > General > Site Identify.

Then click Import and allow us to work our magic.

If something isn’t working right or you’re having any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team at support@spot.im and we’ll help you out right away.