Sending a Broadcast

Broadcasts are one of the best, most accessible features that we offer site-runners on Spot.IM. With a broadcast, you can send an instant on-site notification to every single user visiting your site, along with a link to promote specific content. It’s a great way to call your users’ attention to a new piece of popular content or breaking news.


How do I send a Broadcast?

To send a broadcast, log in to your Admin Dashboard and access the Broadcast page along the top bar.

Broadcast Admin DashboardBroadcast Admin Dashboard

Once there, you’ll be prompted to enter your Broadcast Details. This includes the Title of the notification, the URL of the content you want to promote in the notification, and the custom message that you want included in the notification to give context to your Broadcast.

Then, set the Duration of your Broadcast, which can be anywhere from 5 minutes up to 12 hours. Finally, hit Send Broadcast and you’re on your way.


Who Receives the Broadcast?

Everyone visiting your site during the specified duration of your Broadcast will receive the notification, registered users and guests alike.

Broadcast WebsiteBroadcast Website

If you still have questions about using Broadcast on your site, feel free to contact our support team.