Your Team

Chances are, there’s more than just one person working on your site. By going to Settings > Team in your admin dashboard, you can formally add your site’s team to your Spot.IM account. This allows you to assign various teammates as admins or moderators and help you manage your community.

Your Team TableYour Team Table

To add teammates to your site, the first thing that you’ll want to have them do is make sure they set up their own Spot.IM account on your site and post a comment there. That will register them in our system, and allow you to search them in the field on the Team tab.

Once they’ve submitted a comment, you can then search for their username, and either add them as a moderator or administrator of your site. Admins have the power to view and change all of your site’s settings, while moderators are only able to view your site’s Moderation Dashboard.

Under Team is also where you can require all admins and moderators to enter a verification code received through text when they want to access your site’s account. This adds a level of security that is especially helpful for larger sites.