Drupal 7

First, make sure that Drupal 7 is selected for the Platform setting. Once you’ve adjusted all the other settings so that they fit perfectly for your site, go ahead and click Create Spot.

Then, follow these precise, simple steps:

  1. Please visit our Github repository at https://github.com/SpotIM/drupal-7-module.
  2. Unzip drupal-7-module-master.zip and rename the folder to “spotim-comments”.
  3. Upload the code to your server under the “modules” folder, this folder is located within your Drupal 7 installation.
  4. In your Drupal admin dashboard, select Modules from the top navigation menu.
  5. Scroll to SPOTIM section, Click on ENABLED checkbox and save configurations.
  6. Once enabling Spot.IM, click on “Configure” link button.
  7. Select “Spot.IM Integration Enabled?” – Yes.
  8. Select “Spot.IM Enabled on Homepage?” – Yes.
  9. Copy the unique Spot ID below and paste it under Company Specific Spot.IM ID that is located in your Drupal admin dashboard (Modules > Spot.IM Comments > Configure).
  10. Once completing the settings click on “Save configuration”.
  11. In order to present the comment block in your article page, click on Structure > Blocks, located at top navigation menu.
  12. Scroll to Disabled blocks, select “Content” from REGION drop down list and click on “Save blocks”.