Universal Code

Once you’ve adjusted the settings so that they fit perfectly for your site, go ahead and click Create Spot. If you’ve selected Universal Code on the previous integrations page, this will create two simple codes that are all you need for adding Spot.IM to your website.

Copy the first (JavaScript) code into the “body” section of your HTML file. To do this, find your closing </head> tag and paste the copied code in this section of your site’s HTML code. Double-check to make sure that this script is embedded across all of your HTML pages.

Now, copy the second (div) code, and paste it in your site’s HTML code. You should place this div wherever on the page you’d like your Spot.IM Conversations to appear. We recommend placing your site’s Spot.IM Conversations directly below your content, but you’re really free to choose any location on your site that you’d like.

Lastly, take a look at that div code you just pasted into your HTML. Where it says “POST_ID_GOES_HERE”, we recommend putting a unique “Post ID” for each page on your site, so that a unique conversation is shown for each piece of content. If you don’t have a unique ID, you can use a clean version of the full URL path of your pages and remove the query string and URL hash part.