Your Moderation Dashboard is one of the main control centers of Spot.IM on your site. It’s where you set the Rules for your site’s commenting list Restricted Words, and you know actually moderate your comments.

Moderation OverviewComments

The first thing you’ll see when you access your Moderation Dashboard is the Comments page. This is where you’ll be able to view every single comment that’s been submitted in your site’s Conversations. From here, you can accept, block, and delete any comment, and also Blacklist spamming users or IP addresses.

There are a few of different categories that the comments will be sorted into, depending on the filters that you select (see Settings page for more information about your site’s moderation filters).

The first category you’ll see are Pending comments. These are comments that are awaiting your moderator’s approval. Depending on your Settings, Pending comments may still be published on your site while they are awaiting formal approval.

You can also view your previously Approved or Rejected comments, and there’s an option to view All your site’s comments as well. You and your moderators can always undo any action on a comment on your site, so don’t worry if you make a mistake.

Finally, there are various ways you can sort your comments within each individual category, including by date, user, and more.