Your site’s Spot.IM rules are your way of managing what comments get automatically published and which ones get submitted for review.

The first choice to make is whether you want to allow Guest Commenting on your site. We recommend enabling this option, as disabling it may naturally significantly decrease the total amount of comments and active conversations on your site.

You then need to choose between three different settings that tell Spot.IM’s automatic moderation system how to filter your site’s comments. The first option available to you is Approve All. As you might think from the title, enabling this option tells Spot.IM’s moderation to approve and publish all comments that your site receives automatically. You and your moderators can still go back to review all your comments by visiting the Approved tab in your Moderation Dashboard, in case something gets published that you really don’t want on your site.

The second option, and the one that is automatically enabled when you first integrate Spot.IM on your site, is Publish & Moderate. When this option is selected, Spot.IM automatically published all comments on your site, but keeps them in the Pending folder of your Dashboard. This makes it much more convenient to review and sort through your published comments to make sure you really want all of them displayed in your conversations.

The last option is Require Approval. With this setting enabled, all comments submitted on your site must be approved by a moderator before they are published. You will find submitted comments in the Pending folder of your Dashboard.

There is also the option within each of these settings to require approval or to block comments containing either images or external links. This way, you can closely fine tune exactly what comments you want in, and which ones you want to take a closer look at before publishing.